{Letting go}

I know…I’m updating the blog. ::shocker::

With the recent move (back to Nashville!!!!), things have been SO crazy-busy (I know, I know….I say that every time), but for realz.  The move was actually pretty smooth and I’ve managed to get set up here fairly quickly – fairly being the operative word there.  On top of the move, I received, thankfully, a huge influx of orders from brides who, I imagine, got their rings over the holidays.  All of them wanting to be the ever-desirable June bride, I’ve been swamped with orders due in these early Spring months.

Many things have happened over these last few months, since my blog has been put on the back-burner.  The most exciting of which is this recent move to Nashville.  My husband and I are renting a 2 bedroom duplex near the lake which means I have my VERY OWN SPACE for the studio!  In our previous place, Stephen and I were sharing the second bedroom in our apartment as a joint office space.  But dang, that was not ideal.  As much as I love my husband, I couldn’t stand much more time being squished up in the same place, my work overflowing into every other room in the house.  SO, now I’m in an upstairs bedroom with beautiful windows letting in tons of sunshine, a seating area for personal consultations and lots of room to spread out and get ‘er done!  Below are a few pics of the studio set up (and a few extras in there for ya).

Another SUPER exciting bit of news is that my work was featured on Style Me Pretty last week!!!!!!  Now, I’ve actually been on there before, but I didn’t get a link in the acknowledgements at the bottom.  But this time, dangit, I was all over it and now, when you google “anna michelle cards” a link to the very feature I speak of appears!!!!  How awesome is that?!  I’m honored and so grateful to Shannon Cusick, the bride who submitted her wedding photos to the site and provided a link reference to my biz.  Below is a screenshot (also a link) to the page for your sweet, sweet viewing pleasure:

And speaking of being busy, yesterday was a breakthrough sort of day for me personally.  With a large load of orders needing to get out by this weekend, I knew I needed some help.  The other day, I tweeted about seriously needing to get some help around the studio – just an extra set of hands to help cut materials and prep things for the week’s work.  Well, I very quickly got two Facebook responses from two old college friends of mine who were looking for a little extra cash and were still in the Nashville area!  One of them, Julianne, said she was super flexible and would be willing to be “on call” to help out whenever. So, she came over yesterday and cut HEAPS of paper for me and let me tell ya, I’ve never felt more freed up in my work!  I was able to address emails that needed responses, work on proofs for folks, and just generally get things DONE!  It was wonderful!  I even had time yesterday to go get my TN license!

Anyway, I’m so, so grateful for the help and I learned that it’s ok if I don’t do everything ’cause let’s face it – I can’t. sheesh.


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