Here, there, and everywhere

I’ve been getting several requests for wedding invitations lately….nothing new there…except that the requests are coming from countries all over the globe!  Spain, Australia, Canada (printed in English & French), UK & Ireland….and the newest (and first) – NORWAY!  This girl is awesome.  Her name is Ingrid and she contacted me wanting some invitations, asking if I could do them in a different language.  “Totes.”  She was down to the wire in regard to her timeframe of sending them out but she didn’t need many and her order is very simple – just the invitations… envelopes, no labels, no lace + twine bands, no nothing except the invitations.  

One thing I’ve really loved about getting to do invitations for couples all over the world is that I gain access to traditions that I otherwise wouldn’t have known.  For example, it seems to be the customary trend among European brides to include their guests’ names directly on the invitations….totally new to me.  Also, in Norway, they include a sweet salutation including the phrase “Warm Welcome” – it essentially forms a letter that is signed by the bride & groom.  Here’s a shot of theirs from when I was working on it yesterday.


It’s turning out beautifully and it’s been a true pleasure to work with her.  She had the option of taking the easy road and just getting something quickly (and much cheaper, I’m sure) in Norway, without paying rush fees and express shipping fees – but she chose to do that because she wanted me to make her invites…and I couldn’t be more honored.

Here are a few other foreign language invites I’ve done…



I mean for real….what an honor.


In other news….{anna.michelle Cards} is soon to be a Nashville-based business!!!!  On Feb. 18th, we’re outta here…headed north to Nashville and setting up shop in a sweet townhouse/duplex right by the river and only 10 minutes from downtown.  It’s basically the perfect spot.




We are over-the-moon excited and can’t wait to settle in!


One thought on “Here, there, and everywhere

  1. Emily says:

    So exciting Anna!! It’s amazing the places your business is taking you…I am not surprised though because if I were in Norway or Australia- I would still want your cards too!! They are amazing and I am sure it will keep on growing 🙂 Congrats on the move and the house- so so exciting!

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