It’s 2012, Y’all

I absolutely cannot believe how quickly the past 6 months have gone by.  After the wedding, time just seemed to speed up and suddenly we’re celebrating Christmas and New Years for the first time as a married couple…insanity, I tell ya.  Insanity.

But 2012 is already bringing us WONDERFUL things….continued business fun, new ideas and collaborations, more creative projects, an upcoming move back to Nashville (our heart), and the introduction of Stephen’s audio book version of Meantime…It’s already turning out to be a great year and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us!

Christmas was a pretty interesting this year (yes…I know I’m a little delayed in posting this), but nonetheless it was spent with family which is most important.  There was a lot of traveling involved and a lot of unexpected surprises.  Stephen’s family always celebrates Christmas with his dad’s side of the family, who live in Northern Florida.  My family, for the last 2 years, has gone to visit my sister, who now lives and works in Orlando AND my parents just moved to Georgia….so…we were a bit spread out.  It started with a trip to Disney to visit Rebecca (my sister) which was a drama-filled fun-fest.  Here are a few pics from that trip:

Comin' for ya Everest!

Rebecca and Dad


I was fascinated by this....

Trying to laugh away fear at the Tower of Terror

Going Doooown?


The Dancing Lights...this was amazing...

Hey there, China.

I could've stayed here for hours

Me and Dad in our Future World. duh.

Epcot in the Eve

Real-life Ginger Bread

Grand Finale

Disney was great and it was wonderful to see my sister and get to spend so much time with her.  She’s the bestest.  And she got me a SWEEEEET shark-fin ring to further facilitate my shark obsession (yes….that’s real)

After Disney, my parents dropped me off at G-Ma’s House (Stephen’s grandmother in Florida) where I spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

G-Ma Betty Hanging out on the Front Porch Swing

Stephen: giving a few football lessons

After a large, filling dinner 🙂

G-Ma’s was all fun and games until we got a call Christmas Eve night letting us know that Stephen’s uncle Scott had passed away.  Scott had terminal cancer for a while, but kept hanging on, kept fighting until he simply couldn’t do it anymore.  He held on for the family and, on Christmas Even 2011, it was time for him to go.  This  obviously put a bit of a damper on the Christmas Spirit running around, but ultimately, I knew he was done suffering and as far as I was concerned, that was a Christmas Miracle.

We decided to leave the next day to head to my parents’ house in Georgia to be sure and get our time in with them before we would need to be back in Alabama for the funeral.  Before we got news of Uncle Scott, I had received a text message from my mom saying that, when they returned home from Disney, the bottom floor of their NEWLY RENOVATED HOUSE had a solid 2 inches of water…sad day for the ‘rents.  A couple of days later, my aunt, uncle and 3 cousins were scheduled to roll into town and spend a few days at their house! (Along with me and Stephen and a surprise visit from another relative and her husband and daughter).  Talk about pressure, man.  My parents finally got most of the water out, though the walls and floors did a nice job of soaking most of it up.  We ended up doing some makeshift sleeping arrangements with the matresses, with folks sleeping in every room in which there was enough space to put a bed!  Living room, sun room, office…it was wild.  BUT, it was a nice cozy time with family and we had a BLAST!  We went bowling, made s’mores at the firepit in the backyard, watched movies, opened presents…MAN – it was a great time.

After a couple of days in the Georgia woods, we came back to Alabama to celebrate the life of Scott Davis, Sr. with family and friends.

Then, of course, it was back to work for me.  I had a TON of orders just waiting to be printed/edited, etc and, I gotta say, it felt great to be back!

Save-the-Date Postcards for sweet, sweet Sara

The beginnings of an order....

The finale of that same order...all packed up and ready to go...

Taking a breather with a cup o' Joe in my sweet-A honeycomb mug

Oh…and you know the collaborations I mentioned earlier?  Well, one of those is a beautiful collection of watercolor graphics from my sweet friend Elizabeth Hamm.  You can check out her other stuff here:



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