{How Many Posts Can I Start With…}

…man, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog.

Apparently – a lot.

The truth of the matter is, things have been crazy around here with both work AND school.*  The semester is ending which means papers, tests, classes, etc.  and on top of that, I’ve been getting quite a few Christmas card orders on top of the giant pile of advent activity card orders that I’ve finally gotten through as well as wedding after wedding after wedding being added to the roster.  (Which is SO great).  I love being able to be a small part of such HUGE milestones in lives around the world.  But all of those projects equal a very busy “me” who is looking at being out of the studio for 10 days very soon and…well…there’s a LOT to do between now and then.

One thing I HAVE managed to get done is purchasing Christmas presents for everyone on my list (YES!).  Getting the gifts was the easy part…deciding how to wrap them was a whole other ballgame.  I had been “pinning” some ideas on Pinterest for gift wrap and I knew I had a tough choice ahead of me (ok, so that’s an over-dramatization….but packaging is one of my favorite parts of my job and I get to show EVERYONE with Christmas wrapping!).  A few of my choices were:


1.  Robbie & Erin   |  2.  Pinmarket   |  3. Lolalina   |   4. Adelle   |   5.  Poppytalk   |   6. Oh, Hello Friend   |   7. Martha Stewart

If you haven’t ever visited Oh, Hello Friend – you MUST.  The girl who writes the blog/owns the business is one of the sweetest souls and her blog entries are always so inspiring and lovely.


On a business note: All Christmas Cards will be taken down from the shop next Wednesday in preparation for my Christmas vacation!!!! (WAHOO).  I’ll be out of the studio from December 17th – December 27th so any orders placed after the 16th will not go out until after Christmas.  So get your cards before they (and I) are gone 🙂

Also, be sure to subscribe to the blog to get email updates of new posts, follow me on Twitter, like me Facebook (and in real life) and always check the shop for new fun designs!


Happy Wednesday.




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