{Black Friday}

Well, it’s almost Thanksgiving which, to much of the world, means that Christmas music is already playing (and being listened to….guilty) and Black Friday is nearing.

I love Black Friday.  I get a real kick out of getting up INSANELY early and seeing all the other crazy people who did the same and mostly just people watching.  It’s amazing to me that SO many people are willing to get up SO early and stand in line and after line and fight through TONS of traffic….to shop.  I know the deals are ridiculously incredible, but dang….

I figured I’d participate this year – both as a shopper AND a merchant 🙂  So I present to you, BLACK FRIDAY SAVINGS!

This Friday, November 25th, take 20% off all sets of cards and 10% off journals in the Etsy shop!  And as if THAT weren’t enough – get a free set of hand-stamped gift tags with your purchase of $20 or more.

Now, if you’ve ever been a customer of mine, you should be getting a newsletter about it shortly.  That’s something I’ve been thinking bout trying to do on the reg. – a newsletter.  Who would be up for that?  Maybe it’s overkill?  Maybe I’ll just use it to announce deals and significant happenings?  I dunno – cast your vote!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.



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