{Musings on a Saturday Morning}

Warning:  the content of this post is going to be completely random.  Buckle up.

Musing #1: FIRE!

Last night, Stephen and I made our first fire in our fireplace AND I lit my super awesome vintage oil lamp for the first time.  A night of firsts – no doubt.  We played Scrabble by firelight (and no, I didn’t win, ok….I don’t want to talk about it…hehe).  It was so much fun, but we did not forget about “safety-first.”  As I had never filled up/assembled/lit an oil lamp before, we took precautions and had a pot of water ready in the sink just in case.  We kept it there all night….and nothing caught on fire…it’s still there this morning.  ‘Cause we’re awesome.

Musing #2: Rebates work.

I pretty much live at Staples.  I mean, ok, that’s a bit of an overstatement – but seriously, I’m there…A LOT.  It’s just so convenient – there is a Staples literally within 1 minute of our apartment (and a Target & World Market, too….we won’t even GO there).  I buy a lot of toner for Rhonda (my printer – see previous post)  Anyway, they’ve recently been doing this deal where, if you purchase ink or toner in multiples or basically buy a ton of it at the same time, you get a rebate offer for a $40 Staples Visa giftcard!!!!!!!  Now, I’m not one to really take advantage of rebates…too much effort.  But I figured: since I’m pretty much ALWAYS buying stuff from Staples, I might as well go for it.  And BAM – rebate rewarded.  Getting that gift card in the mail was such a cool feeling (Dorky – I know.)  And dangit, I used that sucker!  And I have another one on the way.  Go me.  Go Staples.  Go Rhonda.

Musing #3: Insanity.

A week ago today, I was (unbeknownst to me) featured in an Etsy mailing that went out to THOUSANDS of Etsy customers.  It was a normal Saturday during which I had planned to do a little bit of work, but also wanted to rest and take my weekend.  All was going according to plan when…suddenly….a puppy appeared at my door.

not really.

Around 11am, my inbox started FILLING UP with messages about these little advent cards:

Typically, there is a lot of response when you FIRST list something – it gets a top spot in searches and is listed as something recently created.  But that wasn’t the case with these and I couldn’t understand what on earth was going on – I had listed these the day before and NOTHING.  Now suddenly, they’re just so awesome?!  How does that happen?  Apparently – getting featured without consent in an Etsy mailing is how it happens.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining about the influx.  It was awesome…I couldn’t stop laughing as I was writing receipts – seeing customers in countries I’d NEVER shipped to before (::cough, cough:: Milano, Italy ::cough::).  But I had no idea how this was happening.  I filled up an entire receipt book in a matter of hours and was beginning to feel like I was way in over my head.  I didn’t have NEAR enough supplies to fill all of those orders on hand, so immediately started calling around to…you guessed it…Staples in the area to be sure I could get these cards I use for the advent set.  I ended up having to drive all over just to collect enough and I STILL had to order more online.  I also realized I didn’t have enough of the little muslin bags that the cards are supposed to be in.  Not a big deal, you say….au contraire…packaging is everything and I hadz to have those bags (see how I used a “z” – that’s how you know I’m not foolin’ around…z).  Anyway, the bags are on their way, I have plenty of sets already printed and ALMOST ready to ship and I’m STILL getting emails about those durn things.  But time is running short – I only have a few more days until it will be too late to ship them.  So the insanity is nearly over. Whew.

Musing #4: You need Christmas cards, right?

I have a TON of Christmas card sets ready to ship.  Get em, y’all.

Musing #5: Married to a writer.

Being married to Stephen is quite the adventure.  As a writer, he is always coming up with these metaphors – I don’t know how he does it on the fly like that…but most of the time, they’re perfectly accurate metaphors.

Oh, and he wrote a book.  Have a heart.  It’s $3.  Come on.


Go to “Books” and click the “Buy Now” button (or you can purchase it on Smashwords.com – the link is there as well).  When you’ve finished payment, you’ll get an email receipt – on the receipt will be a download code.  Return to the website and go to “After-Purchase Download Center” and enter the code for the PDF version of the book.  Other eReader formats are available directly from Smashwords if you’d rather have another format.

Just do it.

Musing #5: Haircutz. (another Z…..)

I’ve been thinking about going to get my haircut…again…it’s just gettin’ busy.  Let’s face it.  I made an appointment for next Wednesday, not entirely sure what I was going to get.  I started looking around on trusty Pinterest for ideas.  Here are my faves:

Source: google.com via Anna on Pinterest

Source: yfrog.com via Anna on Pinterest


Which do you think?!  I like the chin-length and the idea of longer layers that I can still curl.


Musing #6: The end.

Happy Saturday.


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