{Meditations on a craft show…}

Well, it’s over.  Christmas Village came and went and DANG, am I tired!   I certainly learned a few things about showing at a major craft show and it turned out to be an unexpectedly emotional week.  I went into this whole experience thinking I would sell out in the first day (after what all of my friends and family were telling me) and had anticipated being a huge success.

Well, it wasn’t exactly like that….really – it wasn’t even close to being like that. HA

The first day, we got the booth set up and everything looked great but people just kept walking by, kept walking by.  Yet, the three booths around us were constantly full!  It was discouraging but I kept telling myself, “Eh…it’s the first day and it’s technically not even the opening day of the show…it’s the VIP day so these are the folks that came here knowing EXACTLY what they were getting and will leave when they get it…”  So, I kept my chin up, thinking it was just a fluke and that the next day would certainly be better.  We got a bit of advice from one of the vendors next door on the booth layout and she made a few suggestions that we decided to implement and test out.  So, we stayed late and rearranged the booth and returned on Thursday very hopeful.  But it was the same thing as the day before.  Every other booth was full and ours kept getting passed by….only our friends and family stopped to buy a couple of things and some of them even walked right by us, not noticing our little booth.  At this point, I was beginning to get really upset by the fact that no one was even LOOKING our way.  I came back early, early Friday morning to do a little more rearranging which turned out to be almost worse than the day before.  Another day of hardly any sales to folks other than our friends and family (for which, by the way, we were ENTIRELY grateful!).  As the last straw, I came in on Saturday morning to make one more change…and…BINGO!  It wasn’t a blowout by any means, but people FINALLY saw us.  They were stopping and looking and….::drumroll:: BUYING!

It seemed it was just a matter of understanding the flow of traffic and really observing what other booths around us were doing and going with their flow to pull people over.  Also, the crowds on Saturday and Sunday were TOTALLY different than the other days which helped.  So, after a very trying few days, we finally got it right and made some wonderful friends and acquaintances who, we hope, will be contacting us in the future for custom work!  (I say “us” because my mother-in-law also had some products in the booth – handpainted ornaments, banners and original artwork).  SO, while we didn’t come out in the black, we certainly made back our payment on the booth and I’m gearing up for the next show on Saturday!  Here’s hoping for success like we had on Saturday and Sunday at Christmas Village!

Homemade Banner

The "original" (and unsuccessful) booth set up

Apparently, I was too "organized" for that show...I needed to "mess things up" a bit!

Momma Sharon's Angel Painting

Collage by Sharon Ruth 🙂

TA-DA! The successful booth set up 🙂

see...just had to make the table a little messier....THANK YOU @Vicki Wood for all your help!

hang the tags....genius!

oh...and bigger signs! ha

Lights, Banner, ACTION

awesome bunting banners made by Sharon Ruth 🙂


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