{It’s TIME!}

Time for Christmas music (though my husband disagrees…strongly), time for fall/winter clothes and time to load in for CHRISTMAS VILLAGE!  I’ve been listening to Christmas music all week for inspiration while I made Christmas goodies for the show (keywords: “for inspiration”…but mostly because I LOVE IT…I know, I know…it’s a little early).  I can’t believe I’m doing Christmas Village as my first craft show – probably a crazy idea, really; but I’m so excited. I think it will be a great experience!  We load in at 2pm (just a few more hours) and I’m beginning to realize just how big of an undertaking this is…

I don’t remember if I explained in earlier posts, but Christmas Village is a HUGE deal in Alabama.  Over 45,000 people attend every year and some vendors depend on this ONE show for almost their entire yearly pay.  (Seriously, many vendors make tens of thousands of dollars at this shindig).  Anyway, it’s HUGE and while I’m not sure if I’m totally prepared, I know it’s going to be a fabulous opportunity for some face-to-face business.

That’s something I haven’t been able to get a lot of, although I have had some precious customers in the Birmingham area, as most of my business is done via email and Etsy. I’m really looking forward to seeing my customer base in person and I’m hoping that will allow me to better gear my “wares” toward those who are buying them!

I’ll be sure to post some pictures later on this week of the show..oh man oh man oh man it’s gonna be FUN!  Then I get to turn around and do it all over again next week for Handmade Holiday in Tuscaloosa (am I completely NUTS?!)!

Happy Tuesday.



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