Happy Wednesday, everybody!  I for one have had a great day in the shop, getting a lot of things done, sending off orders and even getting a few more things prepared for Christmas Village (which is NEXT WEEK!!!!! AH – so sooooooon and so much left to do!)

One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about in preparation for Christmas Village has been branding.  I’ve found SO many fantastic inspirational photos on Pinterest like:


Aren’t all of those SO stunning?!  Well – I haven’t done anything quite that love, but I did get to use my favorite little logo bear 🙂

I wanted to do something quick and simple that didn’t necessary have the company name on it.  I know, I know – probably not the smartest thing ever.  BUT – the company name is SO LONG and I would love to become known by just my little origami bear-friend!  So, I went with small circular labels that could adhere to packaging.  What do you think?!


As you can see – I’ve been working on building up inventory – but I’m still WAAAYS away from being done!  So…many…cards…to print…..eek.


What do you think of the little bear stickers?!  I thought they were cute and also an easy way to spot merchandise on a table that will no doubt have lots of fun little knick-knacks and props on it! ha





One thought on “{Branded}

  1. Diana says:

    Just checking you out! Ha-ha

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