{Vegas & Catch-up}

Happy Friday, everyone!

I hope this week has treated you well and hope you’re just as energized and ready for the weekend as I am…

As some of you know, my husband and I went on vacation last Thursday and returned on Tuesday.  It was definitely high-time for some relaxation and time away from the studio and from Birmingham!  I love my hometown, but it was nice to get away, see a COMPLETELY different landscape and have breakfast be made FOR me every day 🙂  The trip had its ups and downs, but overall, it was really fantastic and I met some great new folks and got to sing with my husband for the first time ever!  That was great!  The whole purpose of the trip was to attend a wedding of a good friend of Stephen’s – the ceremony was up in the mountains at this lodge and it was beautiful!  I’ve posted a few pics below:


I hope you enjoyed those pictures! 🙂


On another note, I’ve been getting REALLY excited for my upcoming craft shows: Christmas Village (Nov. 2-6) and the Handmade Holiday Event (November 12).  I would love to see all my local Birmingham & Tuscaloosa folks at these super-fun events!  Bring your friends – there will be SO MUCH fun stuff at both of these and I am so, so honored to be participating!

I had this idea to put together some “gift wrap kits” for a few lucky shoppers at Christmas Village.  I stopped at Michael’s yesterday to poke around and ended up finding some simple, cheap tin boxes that I think I’ll use to house the gift wrapping goodies!  I haven’t gotten them completely set up yet, obviously, but I think the tin boxes will be PERFECT for the kits!  And I think I’m definitely going to include: 1 set of large tags, 1 set of small tags, a baggie of cute gift-wrap confetti, 1 set of small cards and 1 “spool” of either twine or a small bunting.  I haven’t totally decided.  I’m also debating on how to organize the “wares” inside – should they be matching by color?  style?  both?  I want them to look SUPER schnazzy and clean, but just can’t decide how to narrow everything down to look streamlined.  Any ideas?

ALSO – I’m trying to figure out the best way to organize data and info in order to contact the winner(s).  Should I just put out a little bowl and have people put their info in and I’ll just draw out?  Should I try to do some sort of automated thing?  My initial thought was to have people automatically entered with a $25 or more purchase from the booth.  But I feel like that may get kind of complicated.  But at the same time, I don’t want to just GIVE things away to folks who haven’t purchased anything.  Any ideas or thoughts on that?!  I’d love some input as I’m totally new to this whole game….


Anyway – that’s what happening in my neck of the woods.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!




2 thoughts on “{Vegas & Catch-up}

  1. i do my holiday wrapping by color – a different theme and color scheme every year. so yes, i think doing the kits by color is a great idea!

    as for the way to organize it, maybe give everyone a slip to fill out after they’ve made their purchase – then they can just drop it in the bowl. or, have them register post-purchase by visiting your blog or facebook by a certain date; just slip a card with the info in with their purchase. 🙂

    • Britt, that’s great! I really like the idea of having them post-register – that way, they have to visit the blog/facebook/website which gives me more exposure! That’s an awesome idea! You’re the best – I think you’re superwoman. LIke…for realz.

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