{It’s FRIDAY!}

Helloooooo out there!  I hope everyone has had a lovely, productive week!  It seemed to fly by for me, but it’s been nice – another week working from home and working on orders…good times.  And now, it’s Friday – Friday, October 8th in Birmingham, Alabama which means…..

IT’S TIME FOR THE CIVIL WARS CONCERT AT THE ALABAMA THEATER!!!!!!!!!!! (well…in a few more hours…hehe)

I’m so pumped!  A friend of mine had an extra set (SET) of tickets, so Stephen and I jumped on those and have been ready for this show for MONTHS now!

Otherwise, life is truckin’ right along.  Orders keep rolling in, for which I am ever so grateful and I’m doing my best to get MOST of them done before we go out of town next week for a fun-filled Vegas wedding 🙂  We’ll be gone for a week, which is the longest I’ve been away from my studio for quite some time so it’ll be interesting to see the state in which my nerves end up! haha  But I think it’ll be a nice trip – a sort of make-up honeymoon considering our original “honeymoon” was all of 2 days at the beach 😦

So good music, good times, good beach time – HERE WE COME!!!!!


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