{Cookin’ Up a Storm}

Alright, so today’s post is slightly off-topic, but I thought I’d share a work-in-progress cooking session of ours.  For those of you who don’t know, my husband (Stephen) works at Whole Foods.  He saw that their pork roast was going on sale and decided to pick some up for dinner on Saturday.  I had been saying that I wanted to whip out our Crock-Pot that we got as a wedding gift and this was the PERFECT opportunity.  He bought a bunch of other things to throw in there and we got-to-cookin’.  Here’s what it all looked like in the beginning (sorry..I didn’t get “after” pics).

We’re still working on the recipe – it was missing…something.  Not sure what.  But we’re going to try again this Saturday since the sale is still kickin’.  I’ll letcha know how that one goes 🙂


On a more related crafty topic, I sent out these lovelies today:

Best wishes to Heather & Ken as they tie the knot in just a couple of weeks!!!!!  Congrats, guys!


Happy Monday.




One thought on “{Cookin’ Up a Storm}

  1. Lele says:

    How am I just now stumbling upon your blog and shop?!! SO cute!

    I’m SOOO glad someone else can share my love of “thirtysomething”!! THANK-YOU!!! 🙂

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