{Woah…that’s a lot of paper}

How is everyone on this wonderfully rainy Tuesday morning?!  Let me just say I LOVE mornings like this – I was so inspired this morning that I decided to go work out!!!  At 6am!!!!  WHAAAT?!?!  So I did and now I’m back and ready to roll today!

Something I have been meaning to post is this new craft show/holiday event that I’ve been invited to be part of in Tuscaloosa, AL called Handmade Holiday!!!  I got this email, randomly, last week from a sweet lady who said she loved my stuff and would be thrilled if I would/could participate in this show.  It’s just the second year running, so it’s fairly new, but I think it is going to be fantastic!  The proceeds from vendor applications go to the B2P Project (Books to Prisons) which I am TOTALLY down to support!  Crazy thing is…it’s one week after Christmas Village…talk about insanity!  IF my application to Christmas Village is accepted, I am going to be one tired puppy by the end of the second week in November…sheesh.  Sorry family, but I’m gonna be a total bore at Thanksgiving!  🙂

Part of the application process to Christmas Village was to send in photos of my booth set up…which…uh…didn’t exist until the other day considering this would be my first craft show (maybe a little much to take on right out of the gate, but whatever….)  What do you think?!:

I got most of the stuff for my set up from around the house and the America’s Thrift Store in Midfield, AL…that is my ALL TIME favorite thrift store.  In my nearly 10 years of shopping there, I’ve never been disappointed and it proved itself once again on Saturday when I went thrifting.  I also went to a larger thrift store closer to my apartment and found that awesome blue trunk!!!  I was SUPER pumped to have found that.  I also got the wooden recipe stand there!  But MOST of the little baskets and things were found in Midfield…of course.

Then, yesterday, I began to really crunch the numbers, figure out just how much of an investment these shows were going to be.  And MAN I was not prepared to see numbers that high!  Holy moly!  Basically, I need to make about $3,500 worth of product to make the profit I’m hoping for…and with selling things like gift tags and cards, that’s going to be quite the challenge!  BUT, I think I got it all figured out and I went ahead and made a trip to Staples yesterday to load up on some materials.  I ended up getting 7 packs of cardstock (250 sheets in each!), two packs of regular printer paper, 2 LARGE boxes of tags and 5 small boxes of tags…and that’s STILL not everything I need!  And let me just give a little background on my recent history with Staples…

I’m in there A LOT.  This particular store is literally a two minute drive from our complex and it’s just more convenient to go there for things like toner, paper, last minute envelopes/shipping supplies, etc.   I also recently printed out a hardcopy of Stephen’s book there!!! (CRAZY…he’s ALMOST finish – for those of you who don’t know, Stephen (my husband) has been writing a memoir and has been working on it for the last 8 years or so…it’s about dang time…)  Anyway, so I’ve been in there a lot recently – like twice a week most weeks (sometimes MORE).

Well, there’s this guy that works in the printing/copying center of Staples and he’s begun to recognize me as THAT girl…the one that comes in there WAY too often.  So yesterday, when I was checking out with this cartload of paper and tags, he just looked at me and said “What now?!”  haha I started cracking up, rolled my eyes and said, “I know, I know…I live here…I decided to get a booth a Christmas Village…sooooo, I’m stocking up.”  He looked over the counter at my cart and said “Good grief…” and just walked off.  It was hilarious – looking back at the conversation, he sounds really mean – but he’s not….just has a dry sense of humor.

Anyway, after spending $185-odd at Staples, I returned home with a trunkload of materials and ready to rock!  I’m excited about these craft shows and the potential client base I can build!  I just hope I can keep up! 🙂

Happy rainy Tuesday, everybody!


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