{So much to tell you…}

It has been a little while since I’ve posted something….that’s due to the INSANE amount of work going down in the shop recently!  Not only multiple orders, but technical difficulties, stock issues, etc.  On that note, one technical difficulty I’ve been having is with my printer.  Now..I LOVE my printer.  I really do.  It’s extremely efficient and generally gets the job done SO well!  Except when it doesn’t.  The other day, I began the process of printing envelopes for an order….my printer H-A-T-E-S envelopes.  Like…a lot.  I started the day with the understanding that it was going to take forever to do these, and I was right.  I started at 10am and didn’t finish until nearly 5.  Ridiculous.  Over the course of those 7 hours, I decided to name my printer, since we had already spent so much time together.  Rhonda.  My printer is now affectionately called Rhonda.  My husband, Stephen, asked “Why Rhonda?”  To which I replied “So I can say things like “HELP ME RHONDA!”  and “Rhonda’s gettin’ all moody again” or, when it makes funny noises I can say “Rhonda just farted…”” – I know…childish.  But I think it will help me not want to throw it out the window.  It’s the same concept as living on a farm – if you have to kill the animal, you sure as heck don’t name it.  Naming it makes you want to keep it.  So I tried the positive spin on that – so far is going well.  I coax the tired printer saying “Come on, Rhonda…you can do it!  There’s not actually a paper jam.  I’m not sure why you think there is, but there really isn’t.”  HAHA – anyway – that’s probably my delirium of having worked nearly 20 hours this weekend alone.  SHEESH.

Moving on….

Another exciting event (well, it’s not exactly an event yet…I’m hoping it will be an event soon to come…) is Christmas Village!  Christmas Village is a HUGE craft/artisan Holiday extravaganza here in Birmingham, Alabama and hosts hundreds of vendors at the BJCC.  One could (and most certainly will) spend hours and hours walking through rows of booths, set up with all sorts of handmade, homemade and country-made goodies!  It’s a crafty lady’s DREAM!  Well, I got to thinkin’ about Christmas Village the other day, thinking how nice it would be to go this year, maybe with my Aunt Lori and my little cousins.  YES!  Then…a lightbulb went off…ANNA…YOU HAVE A CRAFT BUSINESS!!!!  YOU SHOULD GET A BOOTH AT CHRISTMAS VILLAGE!  Boss.  I looked into the application…it’s pretty expensive, but I didn’t see an entry deadline posted anywhere AND I think I can totally swing it!  OH MAN…I’m super excited and I hope it works out.  I have to figure out a mock set-up ASAP to send in pics of my “display”…which doesn’t exist…because I’ve never done a craft show….so this should be interesting.

Also in shop news this week I’ve got some new card designs coming to the etsy store SOON!

Chevron "Thank You" notes with Brown Kraft Envelopes

Blank Vintage Whale Notes with Brown Kraft Envelopes

Robot Recipe Cards

I mean…it doesn’t get much better than a robot recipe card.  Seriously.

Lastly, Pinterest has once again come to my aid and provided me with some inspiration – this time of the culinary persuasion.  Below are pics of my FABULOUS Whole Wheat Pistachio Pumpkin Bread with Honey Butter.

It was totally delicious!!!  You can get the recipe here.  ENJOY!

happy tuesday.


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