{Labor Day Goodness}

Good morning! It’s a wonderfully cloudy Labor Day here in Birmingham and it’s the perfect day to get some work done in the shop!  I love days like this – the sky is grey against some already changing leaves on the trees outside, beads of rain hanging from the black plastic chair on the back porch.  ::sigh::  …SO nice….

I’m thinking this morning about how lucky  I am that I get to do this every day all day…I love it!  I’ve already got two orders lined up for next YEAR, which just seems so crazy to me!  But it’s fantastic to know that things are going that well.  (They could be better, but hey…I’m not complaining).    Aside from already being booked for next year, I’ve been able to be part of some HUGE milestones in people’s lives all over the world…literally.  Weddings in Australia & the UK, first birthday parties, birth announcements, bridal showers, graduations, etc.  It’s really uplifting to know that I’ve contributed (in some small way) to these major events that will always be remembered by the people involved….here are photos from sweet brides who were kind enough to send me pictures of their big day with my paper goodies featured:

They are SO sweet to have sent those and I’m proud to have been part of those weddings!

Then I get to do fun things like this:

football-ticket birthday party invites for a split family 🙂  hehe

A custom recipe notebook for a friend’s boyfriend in culinary school 🙂

a proposal card…from the GIRL…SO precious.

I can’t wait for more sweet moments that I get to be part of!

Happy Labor Day.



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