{To Market, To Market…}

Let me just begin this morning by saying that I had a dream last night/this morning about a shark attack.  The shark was GINORMOUS, of course, and moved REALLY slow, like the mechanical shark in Jaws.  Slo-mo shark.  But somehow, it attacked like 4 people in a row…one kid, I think, one lady that was oblivious to the crazy screams of me and my dad on the beach saying “Get out of the water!!!!” and then one really chubby dude trying to climb up into a boat.  Sharky just popped up out-the-water and grabbed his leg.  What the heck?  I watch WAAAAY too many shark documentaries (if you didn’t know this about me, here it is:  I’m obsessed with sharks…no seriously…they complete fascinate me.  Them and everything else in the ocean.  Therefore, I do not like to swim in the ocean. duh.)

Ok – enough about my weird shark attack dream.  Let’s get down to business.  So yesterday was AWESOME here in the little apartment studio of {anna.michelle Cards}.  I sent out a total of 7 orders yesterday – that’s right SEVEN…and then, on my outing to the post office, I took a little drive over to Charm on 2nd Avenue North.  Charm is THE MOST adorable little jewelry/accessory/vintage-loveliness shop in downtown Birmingham.  I got my wedding jewelry there as well as my bridesmaids’ jewelry.  (I’ll have to post some pics later when I have all the digital images!)  Anywho, I had gone by there way back during Christmas vacation of last year to ask about potentially putting some of my stuff in the shop to see if it would sell in a storefront.  She said that would be totally cool.  So, LOTS OF MONTHS LATER (aka yesterday), I dropped off a Noah’s Ark sort of collection at the shop (2 of everything….).  Here are some photos of the little ghetto display I came up with:

^ in the process of getting everything set up^

^ still in the process ^

^ baby sign on foam board ^

^bag toppers – the ones you saw earlier, sprawled out on the kitchen table^

I was pretty darn proud of my little display.  I had gone to the thrift store several days ago to look for possible “display racks” – old crates, dishes, boxes, etc.  I found three options, but this little silver wire basket just proved to be best.  But the other treasure were a blue round wire basket, complete with handle  (SUPER cute,  but not entirely functional for holding square and rectangular objects) and an adorable wooden owl napkin holder.  Now he was cute and could’ve worked but Mr. Owl’s head was so big that 3/4 of the actual card he was holding was blocked from view.  So I set him aside….some other time, Mr. Owl.  Anywho, I’m super excited about having my cards in one of my favorite shops in B’ham.  You can check them out here or here.

Another reason yesterday was SO good was that I ended work when I needed to end it!  Man, I started at 7:45ish and ended at 4:30.  I was done and it was good.  Stephen ended up having to go into work, so I decided I would get myself going on some DIY projects I’d been wanting to tackle.  Here are the original inspiration photos:

And here are my renditions…(warning – the necklace is NOT as pretty as the one above – but it was free (as opposed to $148! sheesh))

^the crepe paper roses….amidst REAL baby’s breath^

Now I’m gonna go tweet about it.  (I feel weird even saying that…haha)


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