{Documentaries & Deals}

Ah, the first day of my new life as a full time paper goods designer & creator!  My job at the library is finished and I now stand to face day after day of crafting…oh MAN!  This is going to be fun!  I’ve already kickstarted this stretch of time with the Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer Sale (which YOU should participate in…just sayin’) and some new designs…with MORE to come!  Today, I plan to work on poster designs and get a few orders out the door, too!

My newest design is called “The Minimalist” – a simple, clean design for the more modern bride…at least, that’s what I was going for.  A little whimsy and a little structure.

The Invitation


Information Card

Don’t forget – visit the shop for great deals on all cards and sets of cards.  Enter the coupon code LAZYHAZYCRAZYDAYS upon checkout to receive 50% off!  (Excludes wedding invitations and stationery accessories, journals and posters)

On a separate note ( I almost forgot!), I’ve been watching some GREAT documentaries lately.  My absolute favorites have been

If you’re a font nerd like me, you’ll LOVE Helvetica.  It’s awesome and I SO wish I had a job as a font designer – how fun would that be?!  And then if you’re just totally fascinated by all that paper can do and love the sound of crisp folds and large sheets of paper moving around, you’ll adore Between the Folds.  It’s so visually stunning!

And now, to the studio I go!  Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!


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