{Oh, the times, they are a’changin’}

Bob always knows the right thing to say ::sigh::


Times, indeed, are a’changin’ and one factor in that is this: the way I’m creating wedding invitations just isn’t efficient anymore.  As much as I love all of my printing gadgets and my general set-up, it’s just not doing the job in the best way.  It takes HOURS to print everything out (when it should only take a few minutes) because of paper jams, overheating, bad connections, etc.  I want my customers to have the BEST product they can get their hands on and while I love what I produce and I think it’s a lovely product, the time it takes to put it all together is becoming a little crazy.  Especially considering that my temporary full time job ends in a couple of weeks and I will be taking on more orders!  With that being said, I contacted a local printing company yesterday whose prices seem reasonable and whose service comes highly regarded.  I plan to call a few others today to check on pricing, services, etc. but I believe this is the route I will be taking.  This means that I need to revamp the design to jive with the services of a print shop, making it a smooth project for them and for me!  I’m excited about the updates and hope that brides will still have a positive reaction to the product!





Also to come is the Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer Sale!  Later this month in the Etsy shop, take 50% all cards and sets of cards!   Stock up while you can!  🙂



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