{Getting Things Done & Makin’ Plans}

One thing I’m “getting done” is scouring the internet for beautiful and inspiring blogs, both to read and to use as “pins” on my Pinterest.  I’m totally obsessed with Pinterest – it’s such a wonderful way to keep all that inspires you in one place that you can access form anywhere at any time!  I LOVE it!

I’ve also started using Delicious (a similar website to Pinterest, though not NEARLY as visually interesting).   I’ve stored links to some of my new favorite blogs like:


They are all so inspiring and filled with crafty DIY projects (which I l.o.v.e.).


And, on a completely seperate note, I am planning to have a SALE in my Etsy Shop in a few weeks (I’m thinking mid-late August).  I’m in the process of finishing up several orders due in the next week or so and then I plan to get down to business with this sale.  The event shall be called “A MidSummer Night Sale” – yeah, yeah?  Like it?  I thought so.  🙂  I haven’t quite decided on prices yet, but I’ll keep you posted.  The sale will be on Single Cards & Notecard Sets.


LASTLY, I’ve also been working on a few logo ideas.  I just ordered some business cards with this logo:

I’m totally in love with the origami bear!  (More origami to follow…)  But I’ve also been fiddling around with a few other designs.





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