So there’s this kid, right?  She comes into the library (where I work) all the time and she’s sweet as can be.  We’ll call her “A-Game.”

Well, A-Game came up to the desk the other day while I was working and was talking to my co-worker.  They got-to-chattin’ about how I make cards/invitations/etc.  A-Game gave a loud gasp and dramatically put her hand over her heart and said “Mrs. Anna!  You’re a stationeriest?!  That’s what I wanna be!!!!”

I quickly whipped around in my chair, slapped my knee in a gosh-darn-it kind of way and said, “Well yes ma’am [A-Game], I AM a stationeriest.  And it’s the best job EVER!”  I also informed her that I would be blogging about this encounter.  Therefore I give you this post.  In honor of A-Game and made up words.

*On a semi-related note, I am currently listening to the book Savvy by Ingrid Law on audio. It’s such a sweet book.  If you have tween girls or love a sweet story, Savvy is a great one!



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