{Turning Away}

Ok, so things just continue to get busier and busier in the shop, especially with all of these last minute orders rushing in.  The more they piled up, the more I realized that I was going to need to start setting some boundaries when it comes to order time.

I wish I could make everyone’s wedding invitations for them.  And I wish I could make an orders of hundreds of handmade invitations in a jiffy – but I just can’t do that – I’m only one little lady 🙂  I had to turn away my first potential customer the other day.  She emailed me, saying that she loved my designs and wanted me to work with her on doing her wedding invites.  “Great!” I told her.  “But let me just ask, when would you need these by?  Unfortunately, I am really booked up for this month and cannot take any more orders due by the end of March.”  “Oh…” she said, “I would need these by the end of the month.  You really can’t do it?” I wrote her back and politely told her that I am just a “one-woman-show” and I have about 5 orders due by the end of this month, none of which are particularly small.

It felt so odd to tell someone “no.”  For months, when I first started this whole business it was looking like I would never get an actual order.  My how quickly things change.  In just a few months, I’ve gotten 14 orders – and that’s only the ones for wedding invitations.  It’s a humbling thing to have these sweet brides think enough of my designs to include them in their wedding day!  But I will say…it’s a LOT of work.  Cutting, pasting, corner-rounding, measuring, printing, editing, formatting, editing some more…OY!

It’s a blessing to be able to do what you love to do.  I’m continually amazing by this opportunity – to be working part time doing something I love (working with kids at Green Street Arts Center) and then getting to have ENTIRE days where I can devote myself to my craft!  It’s a beautiful thing!

Here are a few of my latest creationz (yes, with a “z”) that I was able to put together last week:


And here are the INCREDIBLE custom rings I just received from Monkeys Always Look.  I ordered them to wear on my wedding day, but am having a hard time convincing myself that I should wait until then to wear them…hehe.


One thought on “{Turning Away}

  1. Oh wow these looks so wonderful on you!! I’m honored that just a little something I made can be apart of one of the best days of your life! Thank you!

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