{Peacocks & Hydrangea}

Since the explosive take-off of my vintage invitations (the ones I’m using for my wedding), I decided it may be a good idea to experiment with some other design – shake things up a bit, and give myself something else to work on other than cutting 10″ pieces of lace all day! 😉

I found this BEAUTIFUL vintage peacock line drawing on graphicsfairy.blogspot.com and thought it would be perfect for a cool, vintagey-peacock-feathered wedding.  And, while I sort of missed the boat on the peacock feather trend, I think they’re just cool enough to ride on the coattails of that train!



These were so much fun to do!!!!  And I love the simplicity of them.


I’m also working with my dear friend Elizabeth to make some bridal shower invitations for her best friend in May.  I played around with a few designs, but ultimately – nothing beats these incredible vintage hydrangea!  Her description was : “pretty pink, girly and flowery, but contemporary and hip” – she’s great!  She totally trusts me and is always so supportive – so of course I was totally happy to make these for her.  This is what she’s leaning towards and, whether she goes with this design or not, I’ve listed it in my shop because it is just too pretty not to advertise!!!!!


So in love with the hydrangea!


One thought on “{Peacocks & Hydrangea}

  1. melanie says:

    how can I order the Peacocks & Hydrangea wedding invitations??

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