{Etsy Community}


Just a quick post to say how grateful I am to have found the 2 teams I’m a part of on Etsy.  One is a group of “hectic etsians” who are either 9-5ers, students, or busy parents who are just trying to carve out space in their crazy-busy lives to do some creative work (and make a little money from it)!

They have all been so supportive and sweet enough to “heart” my items and shop on Etsy, comment on my blog posts and give really sweet feedback!  I’m so proud to be Helping the Hectic on Etsy.

Another group I’m privileged to be in is Pure Handmade (search for “pureh” on Etsy and you’ll find tons of great stuff from the Etsians in this group).  This is a MUCH larger group which sometimes makes your voice hard to distinguish from the sea of other sellers – but it is chock-full of wonderfully creative people who have been at this for quite some time and have great advice!  It’s harder to keep up with the pace of this group since there are constantly new posts and threads going on, but it’s always enriching!


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