{Busy Times in the Shop}

I know you’ve been dying to know why I haven’t been updating my blog lately – it’s ok to admit that.  HA!

In all seriousness – the last week or so has been pretty amazing and busy in my little kitchen studio!  Ever since posting my wedding stationery suite on Etsy, I’ve gotten about 6 emails about pricing for various quantities!  Again – from total strangers!  It’s so exciting – and also nerve-racking to think of making all of these invites!  But…mostly exciting!

After all of these initial inquiries, I sent each bride a price list.  Several days went by and I had not gotten a response from a SINGLE one.  I began to get really worried about my pricing.  Finally, one bride responded to say that as much as she loved the design, it was WAY out of her price range.  This was my cue.

The wedding industry JACKS up their price because…well…they can.  Millions of people get married every single weekend – it’s a hot business and every bride (and groom) wants the most spectacular things for the most spectacular day of their lives.  I wondered about how my prices were reflected in the light of this highly over-priced industry and I was becoming convinced that I had set the bar way too high.  Though these designs take hours, days, and sometimes weeks to get just right, and while everything is assembled by hand and customized for each particular event – I want to be able to provide couples with the PERFECT first impression of their event – and there’s no reason they should have to scrape the barrel to find enough to pay for it.  I would never want that.

So, I reconfigured things, closely calculated materials costs and paid myself $10/hr and came up with a MUCH more reasonable pricing scheme.  I immediately sent a follow-up email to every bride who had inquired about the suite and heard back, within 24 hours from four of them!  I have pretty much secured 3 orders for different weddings – and had someone purchase a sample invite suite all the way from Australia!

On top of that, I had a couple of orders last week, one from a very unlikely customer to whom I am so, so grateful.  When people I know support my work, it’s SUCH an encouragement and I feel like I’m doing exactly what I should be doing!  I am so, so blessed to be in a place in my life where I can spend most of every day creating and promoting my work and actually selling a few things here and there!  I can’t wait to see what happens with these invitations!


Oh, and I am working with a bride in Birmingham to create some fun invitations for her wedding in May – channeling a little “Great Gatsby,” old south sort of feel!  We are both TOTALLY pumped about this design!


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