{A Big Day in the Shop}

Yesterday was quite an exciting day for {anna.michelle Cards} – I made my first Etsy sale…to someone who doesn’t know me personally!!!!  That’s a definite first!  And I was so excited – I was jumping around my kitchen, trying not to make too much noise out of respect for my neighbors…but I was SO excited (and still am!)

This sweet girl purchased an entire SET of the “Honey, you’re the bees-knees” cards from my shop!  (See post below).  I IMMEDIATELY began printing off her order!  The first couple of copies were great, but when I asked my *free* Lexmark printer to print multiples, everything starting going crazy!!!!  Cards were printing only partially and would continue on to another piece of cardstock (ruining that piece)…it was a disaster!  I finally got it all sorted (having to print ONE at a time.  Stopping the print job, and then starting another for the next card…so frustrating).  Then I moved on to start printing the matching envelopes….and I thought the CARDS were a disaster…I wasted almost ALL of the envelopes in my stock (about 15 wasted) trying to get these things printed correctly.  I had to change the design just to get them to stop smudging and jamming up!  I finally got 10 printed correctly (after basically every-other-one messed up), only to turn them over to see black lines all over the backs of the envelopes!!!!!!!!  I finally decided that I had had enough trying to deal with this printer.  My ink was running low anyway, so I decided that it was time for me to upgrade.

This printer was an upgrade from my last Lexmark (that was supposed to work wirelessly, but never actually did and would crap out because the “cyan” was low!!! UGH.  And this printer I have now was a yard-sale give-away!  It’s served me well until now…but I’ve had enough and I figure it’s time to invest in something that will actually work!

After spending HOURS reading reviews on printers (the Etsy forums were SUPER helpful), I decided to go with a Canon.  According to review, the color and image quality can’t be beat and they work really well with heavy cardstock and varying paper sizes as well as envelopes!  So….::drumroll, pleeeease::  Here’s my new printer (scheduled to arrive in a couple of days!)


I can’t wait to see the results!  So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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