{Honey, you’re the bee’s knees}

Ok, this is BY FAR my favorite design that my little brain has come up with! I found this fantastic blog this morning: graphicsfairy.blogspot.com. This lady scans in images that were printed before 1923 because many images prior to ’23 were, and still are, in the public domain. This blog is a TREASURE TROVE for someone like myself! I would end up spending SO much time and money purchasing stamps of images like these – instead, this lady just provides them for free and only asks for a little recognition! Sheesh! I can deal with that! Below is a card that I create with one of the images I found on her blog! (MANY, MANY more to come! I spend HOURS on this blog this morning pulling images for future designs!) Without further adieu, here is the “Honey, you’re the bee’s knees” card!!!!! For Valentine’s (or any time, for that matter!)


This card can be purchased here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/67157309/honey-youre-the-bees-knees-a-4×6-folded

Visit my shop for other cutey-patootie designs! www.esty.com/shop/AnnaSkates


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