{Love Letters}

If you’re like me, you still dream about the good-ole-days of elementary school Valentine’s Day parties, where you and your classmates would bring brightly colored Valentine’s (usually featuring your favorite cartoon character and, if you were cool, a lollipop or some other candy assortment) for the rest of the class.   Though the elementary school days are far behind us, the thought of getting a Valentine is still exciting!

Inspired by the upcoming holiday, I’ve been working on a few Valentine’s Day card designs…and, while they don’t have candy attached to them (nor are they cut in the shape of Mickey Mouse), they do send a message of love and care.  So this year, give your sweetie something that WASN’T purchased at the drug store.  Because let’s face it, it’s not special if everyone receives the same mass-produced, generic card.



One thought on “{Love Letters}

  1. ep says:

    Your work is so beautiful! I love it all.

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