{Aaaaaaand we’re back}

First of all – MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR…yeah, I know.  A little late.  But I’m back from Christmas vacation and ready to get to work!

Let me start by saying that I stink at making New Year’s Resolutions.  I would love to make the claim that I WILL update my blog every day with new and fun things and will be dedicated to the max.  But I wouldn’t want to let you down.  I will tell you, however, that I have made myself a little encouraging note and have placed it on my bathroom mirror – among the questions written on the card is this: “Have you updated your blog today?”  Sounds silly, I know.  But I’m hoping that this will keep me motivated to update with goodness every day (when I can)!  This may also mean that there will be days of meaningless rambling that may or may not have to do with my cards or other crafty creations.  I may post about walruses.  Consider yourself warned.

ANYWAAAAAAAAAY – today I WILL be posting (quite a few times) about new cards and fun projects I’ve been getting myself into.

As my wedding is only 4 1/2 months away, I’ve been slaving over save-the-dates and wedding invitations: assembling, cutting, printing, rounding corners (rounded corners = the devil).  And naturally, I’ve changed my mind about the design of both of these pieces of stationery.  Below are the final – and I mean FINAL – designs of both (be on the lookout for some AMAZING mail!):


Save-The-Date: cuz i iz a librarian.

Full invitation
Invite – close up
aaaaaaaand again.
The whole sha-bang. Wrapped up in lace 🙂


Kablam! A sweet little collection of information on 3.5×5″ cards
Card #1 – Driving Directions to the Venue (that I did not spell correctly on this card)
Card #2 – self-made map of the area (I don’t know if I ever want to attempt this again…a-nnoying)
Card #3 – Accomodations information for our sweet, travelling guests
Card #4 – website information…plus an excuse to use my Mason Jar graphic.
RSVP Postcard. mmmm.

More to come today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (non-wedding related…don’t worry)


One thought on “{Aaaaaaand we’re back}

  1. Those are GORGEOUS!
    Love the save the date cards 🙂

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