{The Inevitable Mathematics of Card-Making}

Math?  What?

Ok, first of all – I love math…yes, you read that correctly – I L-O-V-E math.  Secondly, there is certainly math involved in the craftiness in which I take part.   Even if it’s as simple as this: “So I want to make a 4″x6″ card out of one piece of paper.  Depending on how I want it to fold (hamburger or hotdog…anyone? elementary school, much?), the paper needs to either measure 6″x8″ (to fold in half on the 8″ side to make 4″x6″) or 4″x12″ (to fold on the 12″ side to make 4″x6″).”  It’s pretty basic – but today….today, friends, I stumbled across a card that involved mathematics that was a bit more…shall we say: “involved” – and I got SO excited.  Here’s the video demonstration of how to make it:

My mathematical calculations to make this fit 4″x6″ measurements:

3/4″ + 3/4″ = 1.5″ (shortest “peak”)

1.25″ + 1.25″ = 2.5″ (middle “peak”)

2 + 2 = 4″ (tallest “peak”)

Total length of paper = 8″ x 6″(unfolded with a 2″ = left side “message board”)

Here’s MY result after watch the tutorial:



I’m now on a hunt for complicated cards to see JUST HOW FAR my math skills can take me!


Happy Monday, folks!


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