Yesterday, when I went in for work at Green Street Arts Center, a coworker of mine proposed a project for me.  Green Street and Wesleyan University are hosting Bill Cosby this weekend!  They wanted to give him a memento and asked if I would be willing to make a scrapbook…for BILL COSBY! (ummm…duh)  It will be a collage-of-sorts – a collection of work from the kids/students at Green Street – art work, poetry, photos, etc.   I am so excited about the project and obviously said yes…like…immediately.

Rachel, my coworker, said that she suggested me for the project and showed some of the other people in the office my website, and the scrapbook pages that I have up.  They had their doubts, saying that the pages shown were pretty “baby-ish.”  Well, considering they were for babies, that makes sense (and I count that as a total success).  So, this morning, I thought I would send the office some photos of a personal scrapbook to show them a different style, more like what I would do for the Cosby book.

I sent in some photos from a scrapbook that I started (and STILL haven’t finished…3 years later….) documenting my time with the World Changers West Team!  That was one of the best summers I had with World Changers and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to see all of the incredible things I saw that summer!  I remember, when I was working on this book, that I was really excited about the style and was very pleased with the outcome.  Now, usually when that happens, and I revisit the work, it’s not as great as I remembered.  But this scrapbook…to my surprise….really was all that I remembered.  I was really excited to look back on the pages I did and be genuinely in love with the product!  Here are some of my favorite pages:



On an entirely unrelated note, I got a new coffee pot.  My old one (that I’ve had for probably 5-6 years now…and cost about $10 when I bought it) FINALLY gave out yesterday morning.  I took all my usual steps to making coffee: putting in the amount of water I wanted, scooping grounds into the filter, shutting the filter and flipping the switch.  But alas, nothing happened.  It was just dead.  D-E-D dead. 🙂  I decided that, since I pass Target going to and from work (how conveeeenient), I would stop in and get a new coffee pot on my way home.  When I walked into the coffee/tea/espresso isle (which is basically like heaven),  I had, of course, tons of choices.  I was going to just get the cheapest thing I could find since I would probably be registering for a SUPER nice coffee pot…SOON!  But sadly, the $9.99 Chefmate coffee pot was not on the shelf.  And, being in a bit of hurry, I didn’t want to find a salesperson and ask them to check their stock for more.  So, I narrowed my choices to a $15.99 Mr. Coffee generic “on/off switch” coffee maker, or the $17.99 Sunbeam Timer coffee maker with digital clock-face.  While the $2 I would save with the Mr. Coffee machine was tempting, I decided to spend the extra bucks and get the SUPER AWESOME, but still relatively cheap, Sunbeam wonder!  And let me tell you something, that thing is AMAZING!  I went to bed pretty early last night, so decided to set the coffee pot timer to 7:00am.  Now, I had my doubts.  “Is this thing REEEEEALLY going to work?”  “What if it forgets or times out?”  “I dunno about this.”  But lo-and-behold, the gurgling sound of the coffee pot woke me up at 7:00am ON THE DOT!  And I rolled out of bed half an hour later to an already-made pot of coffee.  Wowee…I’m in love:


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