{New Discoveries and Deliveries}

A friend of mine, who is certainly NOT from the South and who, I’m pretty sure, has never had sweet tea in his life, asked Stephen and I if we could get our hands on a sweet tea recipe for him.  I called my mom, but she hadn’t make it in quite a while and Stephen was convinced that his “G-Ma” (as he calls her) would have an incredible recipe that was sure to knock the socks off of our yankee-doodle friend.  But of COURSE, I couldn’t deal with just giving him a piece of scrap paper with ingredients and instructions scribbled down.  So, I made a cute little recipe card complete with it’s very own library-style pocket (duh) and here’s the result:

I think I may be adding recipe cards to my portfolio 😉  They’re so fun to make, use little materials and they’re just so darn cute!  Plus, I get to make a time-honored tradition (handing down recipes) into something really exciting and beautiful!

ALSO, I totally scored a jackpot yesterday afternoon when I got 2 exciting deliveries at my door:  1 was the replacement GPS sent to me by State Farm Insurance due to the recent break-in into my car (happened last week…what a great city I live in…errrr….) and 2 was ALL OF THE PAPER FOR MY INVITATIONS!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!

I’m now ready for a whirlwind of card-making!  I hope my printer ink holds out 🙂


2 thoughts on “{New Discoveries and Deliveries}

  1. Sharon says:

    This is awesome. You inspire me everyday, Anna! I love you. And this IS the best tea in the country.

  2. katie m. says:

    LOVE the recipe card – super cute 🙂
    Will send you one for my favorite cookie recipe – email me your addy.

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