{Christmas already?! & other things…}

Sorry I’ve been SO BAD about updating my blog :/  I’m going to be better! Now, with a more flexible schedule and more time on my hands, there is no excuse not to be on top of the blog/website/designing/etsy store.


As I wandered the isles of Michael’s this evening, I ran across quite a bit of Christmas crafty-goodness in bins for $1!!!!  I couldn’t resist, and seeing as how I’ve run into several people saying they’d want to hit me up for Christmas cards this year, I thought I could get a head start on some designs!  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Well I didn’t ONLY buy Christmas goodies!  I couldn’t resist picking up a few other stampy treasures and here are some designs that came as a result:

I love the slight imperfection that I get with stamping (leaving off corners, not pressing down quite hard enough and getting a faint image, etc) and am having a great time testing out designs and methods!  As you may have been able to distinguish from other posts, I get on “kicks” with different techniques!  Who knows what will be next?!  Any suggestions/thoughts?

Also – in wedding news, we have secured a date, venue, theme, photographer and details continue coming together.  I’ve ordered all of the paper for the invitations and I’ll be sure to put up pics when I have them made with the correct date, location, etc!  Thanks for reading!  Keep your eyes peeled (not really because that would HURT) – I’ll be trying to regularly post!  Subscribe if you tend to be like me and forget to check things! (see right side column)


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