{Wedding Stationery Galore!}

I’ve recently completed my {Austen} collection of wedding stationery.  It is, by far my favorite of the 3 collections I have at this point!  I also created an almost complete set last night!  Ever since I made that first sample set (you know, the one with the purplish-gray circles), I’ve been on a wedding stationery kick!  It’s so much fun and goes by quickly since I don’t have to spend so much time grueling over what pattern of paper to use for each individual piece!  So, here it is!  The final installments in the {Austen} collection:

{RSVP Cards}

{Thank You Stationery}

and theeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnn – there’s the newest collection that I’m calling {Maple}.  (A lot of these names come from the names of the fonts I use – for this one, it was either “Maple” or “Prophecy”….{Prophetic Maple}?)  In chronological order of when they would be sent:


{The Invitation/RSVP Package}

{The Invitation}

{The Driving Directions Insert}

{The RSVP Postcard} ——- (my new favorite thing to make)



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