{Brown paper packages, tied up with string}

A few days ago, I sent out my first shipment of cards/stationery, some materials going to Brooklyn and the others going to Alabama!  Now, I know that the postal service can be rather tough on a poor little piece of mail, so I thought I better take extra precaution when preparing these cards for shipping.  Being completely oblivious to the world of appropriate packaging for paper goods, I thought I was pretty much a genius for wrapping things up the way I did.

Step 1:

Find plastic self-seal bags (once original packaging for scrapbook stickers, paper, etc) large enough to hold items.

Step 2:

Cut a piece of scrap cardboard and tie it to the back of the card/envelope to prevent bending.

Step 3:

Place cardboard-bound cards in plastic packaging.

Step 4:

Wrap with brown kraft paper (using LOTS of tape).

Step 5:

Type recipient’s address and adhere to front of package.

Step 6:

Buy postage and SEND.

I just got word that part of my first shipment was received in tact!  WHEW!  My friend said that everything looked great and she was thinking to herself just how well it was packaged.


Oh, and I found this picture when I was looking for a photo of brown kraft paper:

I tried thinking of ways that this connected to my search topic…but I came up with nothing.  Any thoughts?


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