Back in business…

It’s amazing how it is often the case that good things come in large doses!  Within 3 days, I had 5 orders placed (all by dear friends of mine for whom I am ever-so-grateful)!  Many of those orders had multiple items and I have been working away, making some creative magic and turning out some really fun designs!  One of which I am particularly excited about.

"Kraft" card stock, beige lightweight card stock, printed text, 2 strips of colorful paper, 2 eyelets

It flips open to reveal a message on the inside - with plenty of space to write a personalized message, too!

Same design, different card.

I also continued work on my recent wedding sample set that I’m calling {Austen}.  You saw the invitation in my last post “I’ll take a ‘winning color’ combo with a sweet tea to drink, please…”  Well, here is the most recent development from that collection – an RSVP TAG!!! (I am EXTREMELY excited about this one!)

I would post the other cards I’ve made, but they are for people who know me and I would like their gifts to be a surprise!!!  So, more to come after the beginning of August!


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