Coffee and Challenges

I’m baaaaack!

And a little sad to report that my trip through the Detroit airport was very rushed and I did not get to visit the light tunnel.

Yes, it does say "Connie" - No, my name is not "Connie"

On another note, I am glad to be back at my apartment with my craft station and am ready to get to work on some new designs!  As I sip on my morning coffee (mug pictured above), I think about one of the techniques that I fear the most in my card-making.  Hand-drawn images.  While I am confident in my abilities to make cute, curly hand-written lettering, I shy away from the idea of taking pen/pencil to paper to create a hand-drawn picture.  Sure, I can draw a pretty basic flower or house or tree…but the perfectionist in me seems to always find some flaw in the image and my drawings usually come out looking like they did in the 7th grade, when I would doodle on my geometry notes.

I did, however, get a little practice this weekend while I was visiting my family in Birmingham, AL.  My mom got this idea to redecorate some heavily outdated bathrooms at our church.  It didn’t take long to turn idea into a real-life project and I, of course, got in on the creative action.  She wanted to create some wall art for both bathrooms – a pale yellow and gray painting for the women’s bathroom and a blue and brown picture for the men’s.  I got to work on the women’s art work and within a few minutes, got the lettering on there just fine.  Then, when I asked my mom what I should do in the corners and around the edges she said, “I like paisley print…you could draw that!”  Uh……yeah.  Sure!

I sketched and sketched on some scrap paper until I got it right and eventually, I did!  And it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!  (I don’t have a picture of it, but just trust me on this one)

The only thing to fear is fear itself, I guess.  🙂

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