Travel schmavel…

I currently live in New Haven, CT.  While it’s not the most exciting place of residence, it does mean that, when I fly out to visit friends and family, I often have a transfer in Detroit.  Now, I know most people try their darnedest to get a direct flight to wherever they’re going.  But me, on the other hand, I search out the flights that take me through Detroit!  Here are some pictures of one of my favorite places in the airport:

This is the tunnel that leads to some of the terminals in the Detroit airport.  The walls are constantly changing color, shifting skin tone like a chameleon to the ambient music sounding all over.  It’s a fun place and that’s where I will be in about 2 hours!

I am often inspired by the strangest of places.  For most people, airports are a center for stress and anxiety.  For me, it’s a hub of unusual sights and sounds & interesting people, on interesting trips, doing interesting things!  Maybe the light tunnel will inspire a design this time around!


One thought on “Travel schmavel…

  1. Rebecca Peyton says:

    Anna I love the pictures of the Detroit tunnel! I bet you could spend all day photographing the tunnel. Your cards are so cute! You are so crafty!

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