“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gee, thanks Ralph!

Below are a few of my recent creations, including my business card.  It’s strange to think that I’m old enough to pass out business cards.  That was always something that greasy car salesman did.  Or insurance agents.  Yet, I find myself having made about 75 handmade (of course!) business cards that I’m actually quite fond of!  Take a look!  And let me know if you’d like to have some to pass out to folks who may be interested in co-creating a custom order for someone special!

my business card – and yes, that is a hole in the middle!

My newest creation (7.8.2010) – a mini-invite: “You’re Invited…”.  With a teeny-tiny library pocket made from colorful paper and a single “Admit One” orange ticket.  This is featured in my mini-series, which is a collection of cards/invitations measuring 3″x4″.

This is one of the pages from a recently completely commissioned project – a custom baby book for a friend-of-a-friend!

Another card from my mini-series: “Emoticon, baby!”

This is yet another card from my mini-series called “Shindig” – this could also be used as a party invitation/announcement!

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