This is just the beginning…

Hello all!  This marks the beginning of the blog for my new card/scrapbook business called {anna.michelle Cards}.  I am delighted that you have stumbled upon this page, as it will be continuously updated with new designs, links to the things that inspire me, and will detail my journey through the process of making this hobby and passion of mine into a BUSINESS!

For those of you that know me, you are fully aware that I have been making SOMETHING my whole life.  Whether it was linking together shreds of denim with safety pins to wear as a bracelet,  haphazardly dressing myself in ridiculous outfits – compliments of the local thrift store, drawing curly-Q letters in bold, black ink across my 3-ring binders during class and, well…you get the picture.  I am certainly a creative soul who has recently found her niche – it’s a cozy little spot where I can give back some of my creative energy to my friends and family (and YOUR friends and family)!  I LOVE making things, particularly cards and scrapbooks, that are custom designed and handmade.

It always make you feel good to give a gift.  It’s even better when you have the opportunity to give a gift that was thoughtfully prepared, with your friend’s taste, style and personality in mind.  I’m not talking about a coffee mug with a cat graphic and someone’s name in tacky lettering (unless that “special someone” likes cat graphics and tacky lettering…).  What I’m talking about is a sweet, sweet message – brought to fruition by your love and made by the hands of someone who genuinely loves crafting sweet mementos that are entirely catered to the receiver.

It may take more time and more effort.  You may even be slightly inconvenienced by the process of developing something unique for your friend.  But isn’t that what love is all about?

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